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Mathematics Professional Learning  Series

Meaningful Mathematics: Methods, Models, and Materials for Engaging All Students 

sponsored by 

Opening Session given by Cindy Bryant 

A 3-day series offered for
3 different grade bands
in 5 locations across the state!
Days 1 & 2 July  Regional
Day 3 Dec.  5-6 Columbia


Each of the 5 sites will host a 2-day session with domain specific instruction given in three grade bands. Narrowing presentations into grade bands facilitates creating focused lessons which are easy for participants to implement upon return to the classroom. Personalized attention is given to the education of every aged child.

Content is written and presented by teams of leading Missouri educators with extensive, rich backgrounds in mathematics, curriculum, and state assessment. 

Series participants are allowed full access to the MCTM Fall Conference in Columbia Dec 5-6, 2014. Special sessions will be held on Saturday morning of the conference that only our series participants will be allowed to attend.

New content from previous years.   You do not have to have been enrolled last year to benefit from this year.

Support the Common Core!

Please consider contacting your Missouri State Representative or members of the Senate Education Committee to voice your opposition to HB 1490 or SB 514.  The following could be used as possible correspondence to your legislator.

I am hoping that you recognize the language of HB 1490 or SB 514 as mostly politically motived, maybe somewhat based on misunderstandings and myths about the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS).  While I do recognize some concerns about implementation (costs are a little high, technology will need to be enhanced, for example), the CCSS approach should still be seen as sound and essential for having a positive impact on student achievement and deep understandings.  I think that without an attempt to guide our students’ education with something akin to the principles in the CCSS, we will continue to struggle with meeting the needs of employers in the US and continue to stack up poorly with the skills of students in other countries.  Here are a few key strengths of the CCSS:

  • A diverse group of teachers, content experts, parents and school administrators–including some of Missouri’s best and brightest leaders–were given the opportunity to provide input on the creation of the standards.
  • The implementation of new academic standards, along with high quality and well-supported educators, has the potential to transform outcomes for Missouri students and for our state.
  • Topics at each grade level will be more focused than in the past and include a significant focus on developing deep knowledge, conceptual understanding, critical thinking, and problem solving.
  • CCSS establishes consistent learning goals for all students regardless of where they receive their education.
  • The standards are internationally benchmarked to countries with top-notch education programs, to ensure our future generations are well prepared to compete in the global marketplace. 

I would hate for legislators to get involved in the micro-managing of something like curriculum standards, especially if their concerns are based on political motives and misrepresentations of certain aspects of the Common Core.

There are high quality teacher educators around the state who really are experts in the common core and in its implementation issues, and they have the knowledge base to counter most of the misrepresentations that abound around the CCSS. If those people could serve as a resource for you in understanding the issue, I would be happy to give you some names.

Thanks for taking the time to consider this issue.

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