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Fall Conference

Ensuring Mathematical Success

 for   ALL  Students

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The MCTM Fall Conference will be on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, December 3-5, 2015, in Columbia, MO, at the Holiday Inn Executive Center.  On Thursday, we will be having a pre-conference similar to the past summer professional development series.  Click here if you are interested in registering for the pre-conference.  

Pre-Service Teachers – We Want YOU!!!

Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015

Holiday Inn Executive Center, Columbia

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Lunch provided (if you have emailed in advance)

Separate sessions presented by outstanding master teachers.  Lessons, activities and discussions will be narrowly focused to give the maximum attention to the individual classroom needs.

·    K-2                     Number Sense       

§        Myra Collins, Alice Buckner

·    3-5                     Numbers and Operations in Base Ten and Fractions

§        Joann Barnett, Natalie Moon, Amanda Schweissguth

·    6-8                     Preparing Middle School Students to persevere in Problem Solving

§        Ann McCoy, Bob Glasgow, Bethany Johnston

·    High School         Geometric and Algebraic Relationships in Problem Solving

§        Trish Goddard, Charlene Atkins, Theresa Holt

Special Price for Pre-Conference only:    $25 for students currently enrolled in an education course – may be paid at conference.   Send an email to  by Nov. 25 to reserve your lunch.  

You must bring a statement to the conference signed by a faculty member to receive the special rate.

I verify that _______________________________________ is currently

enrolled in an education course at ______________________________.

  ______________________________              ________________

Faculty Member                                                                   Date

Registration for the pre-conference online will automatically register you for the Fall Conference.  We would like to invite you to participate in this conference.  L ook for us on Facebook, and see you and your colleagues in December! 


Visit the Fall Conference Presentations page to see what we have scheduled for this year's MCTM Fall Conference!

Fall Conference Documents (.pdf)

Fall Conference Forms

Are you looking for information about NCTM Conferences?

Speaker Proposal Form

MCTM Fall Conference:  December 4-5, 2015


All correspondence will be sent to the PRIMARY speaker.

Registration fees for the Primary Speakers will be waived in the following instances:
  • at least one 60 minute presentation
  • at least one 90 minute presentation
Registration fees will be reduced to $50 for the Primary Speaker of a 30 minute presentation.  Anyone submitting a speaker proposal form for a 30 minute session should fill out a hard copy of the form and mail it to Ann McCoy at the address provided.

Any additional speakers will need to complete a registration form and pay the registration fee.

All other expenses are the responsibility of the speaker.

Please complete one form for each presentation you are submitting. Each proposal will be considered by MCTM. You will be notified of selection by September 15, 2015.

Questions? E-mail Ann McCoy at

Would you rather download a Speaker Proposal Form and mail it to MCTM?

Speaker Proposal Form

Speaker Proposal Form
Primary speaker info:
First Name: Last Name:
 Address 1:
 Address 2:
State: Zip:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:

Affiliation/District/School (list one):
Teaching Level: Years Teaching:
Email Address:
Confirm Email:
Additional Speakers for this Presentation:  

Title of Presentation:  
Grade level for this session:   Session Type:
Check all that apply:
Mathematical Practices:

Content Strands:

Will you be integrating technology into your presentation?      
Technology: MCTM will supply a screen, connecting cables and a data projector for each presentation. Internet access is available. The following equipment is available by request only on a LIMITED basis. Please request the additional equipment REQUIRED for your session in the box below. 
  • SmartBoard and 25 laptop computers with Smart Notebook software
  • Additional projector
  • Additional screen
  • TV and VCR/DVD    


Is the technology described above necessary for your presentation?  
List any additional equipment REQUIRED for your session.  (A Smartboard and 25 laptop computers with Smart Notebook software, an additional projector, an additional screen, or a TV and VCR/DVD can be arranged.  However, please consider all additional equipment requests very carefully.  Due to expensive costs for each additional item and room scheduling conflicts, late requests may be impossible to accommodate.)   
Do you need tables for the participants attending your session?      
Would you be willing to present your session more than once?      
Do you have a preference on the day you present?        
Description of Presentation:
This is the description that will appear in the program book. Due to space restriction in the program book, please limit the description to a MAXIMUM of 40 words.
Leading and trailing spaces will be removed from all entries.

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